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learn to fly drone in nigeria

 Drones & Unmanned Aircraft Systems Pilot Certification Programme (4 - 6 Weeks)

Advanced Multicopter Drone/UAV Operations

Training & Certification


1. Safety regulations for operating drones
2. Pre-flight preparation (Battery check * Motor check )
3. Risk Assessment
4. Working with GPS
5. Multicopter flight controls practice
6. Launching and landing the drone under normal circumstances
7. Knowing your flight distance and altitudes
8. Advanced flight manouvers
9. Working with the drone camera
10.Performing aerial surveillance
11. Emergency Retrieval;
How to return the aircraft unit safely when it goes out of signal, low on battery or has
electromagnetic interference.
12. Changing factory settings and customizing the operational capabilities to suit your needs.
13. Advance flying manoeuvres.
14. Simultaneously controlling the aircraft while operating the camera
15. Emergency Take Off Techniques: How to take off in a bad landscape
16. Setting the aircraft to follow a subject (e.g a car, dog, human e.t.c.) without being
controlled by a pilot.
17. Advance Camera Controls
How to set the camera manually for picture and video recording
How to format the memory card.

Training Duration: 4 Weeks (3 – 5 hours per day)

Training Days:

Option 1: Mondays to Fridays (10am - 6pm)
Option 2: Mondays, Wednesdays & Fridays (10am - 6pm)
Option 3: Weekend  (10am - 6pm Saturdays and 2pm - 6pm Sundays)

learn to fly drone in nigeria

Multi-Copter Drones Pilot Training (Standard) (2 Weeks)



1. Safety regulations for drones

2. Pre-flight preparation

* Caliberation
* Battery check
* Motor check

3. Working with GPS and Auto pilots

4. Risk Assessment

5. Multicopter flight SIM

6. Take off techniques

7. Landing techniques

8. Flight manoeuvres – Controls

9. Working with the drone camera

10. Emergency landing techniques

Training Days: Flexible

You can choose between twice a week to five times a week

Duration: 1 - 2 Weeks

Certificate will be issued at the end of the training.

Training Days:

Option 1: Mondays to Fridays (10am - 4pm)
Option 2: Mondays, Wednesdays & Fridays (10am - 4pm)
Option 3: Weekend  (10am - 6pm Saturdays)


 At the end of this class, participant will be able to:

1. Set up a multi copter drone and other unmanned aircraft vehicles

2. Remotely take off and control a UAV system from the ground

3. Conduct aerial surveillance

4. Conduct search & rescue operations in alliance with security agents

5. Work with Auto Pilots and Mission Plannning Systems

6. Know the safety regulations for flying drones.

7. Have a sound knowledge of the operational and flight techniques of modern (manned) aircrafts.

What Are The Requirements?

Education: Intended applicants should have acquired the first degree in a higher institution.

Computer Literacy: Intended applicants must be familiar with Windows or Mac Operating Systems.

Advance Drone Aerial Surveillance Operations

Training & Certification

This training program is intended for those that wants to pursue a career in the area of aerial
surveillance, pipeline inspection e.t.c. With the knowledge you’ll acquire on this program you
can setup a remote surveillance station, transmit live drone aerial surveillance footage across
cities or countries.

Course Contents - Part 1:
1. Introduction to International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) regulations
2. Flight Aerodynamics. - (theory)
3. UAV Frequently Used Terms
4. Risk Assessment. - (theory)
5. Pre-flight Preparation. - (practice)
6. Flight simulation for multi-copters. - (practice)
Mission Planning. - (theory and practice)

9. Aerial Surveillance. - (theory and practice)
10. Launching and landing a drone under normal circumstances
11. Controlling a drone in normal flight conditions
12. Emergency Recovery of the drone (How to recover the aircrafts during emergencies)
13. How to manage drones in abnormal flight conditions
14. Flight Manouvers/Controls - (theory and practice)
16. Live Aerial Surveillance (Advanced Surveillance)
How to send a live view of your camera back to the control station in another town or city.

17. Offshore Drone Operations
Rules to follow
B. How to take off from a boat on top of water
C. How to take off from a ship on the high sea
C. Things to note when operating from a ship on the high sea
B. How to land the aircraft unit on a boat on top of water
C. How to land the aircraft unit on a ship on the high sea


Drone/UAV Engineering Training in Nigeria

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Become a Certified Drone Engineer

In addition to getting an international standard training, you will also get an internationally recognised certification.

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