Custom App Development in Nigeria

We develop robust and user-friendly web apps for different purposes.
We also have a number of apps we have developed which are ready to be deployed to any organization that needs it .

Apps Made by MX Creative Studios

MX Assistant Robot App [Keshi]

The MX Assistant Robot is a smart multitasking chat robot that provides your business with a 24 hours customer care support system and can interact with thousands of people simultaneously.

MX Visitor Pass Management System [MX VPASS]

MX Visitor Pass Management System (MX VPASS) is a smart security system that provides five extra security layers for managing every entry and exit in your premises effortlessly. It will be integrated with your already existing security architecture. There won’t be any need of acquiring new equipment for the deployment of this one.

MX Secure Communication System [Secret Chat App]

MX Secure Communication System is a private coomunication (chatting) app for organizations and groups.